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holistic and natural parenting's Journal
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Date:2009-06-05 13:28
Subject:What to Pay

Cross-posted everywhere! (I hope that's OK.)

What would be a reasonable amount to pay an almost-10-year-old for light-responsibility babysitting (I'll always be here), light housework, and also perhaps organizing/babyproofing.

And while I'm at it, (and so I don't have to ask again) what about the same duties more or less, what would you pay an adult? What about a teenager?


ETA: My baby is 4 months old.

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Date:2006-11-11 09:02
Subject:Wellness Community

I created a place for those with a thirst for wellness and a compassion for all life. It is called the

Life Dynamix Wellness Community

Here you can meet others with similar interests, spread your message of wellness, and have your health questions answered by one of our wellness experts. These services are at no cost to you - this is our way of saying thanks for making Life Dynamix part of your world :)

Click Here
to Join The Circle.

I will be added to your friends network automatically. I hope to see you there :)

To Magic & Possibilities!


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Date:2005-11-11 06:37
Mood: sad

Hello all, this is something that I just recieved from another list, and am passing it along because I believe it is vitally important!!! Please read all the way to the end......

Hello Birth People,

You have all probably heard of Dr. Tom Brewer and his important work in prenatal nutrition. He has devoted his life to spreading the word that excellent nutrition during pregnancy prevents MTLP (toxemia), pre-eclampsia, placental abruption, pre-term labor and other complications. He has worked tirelessly, but unfortunately mostly fruitlessly, to get the medical establishment to understand the importance of protein, salt, and other nutrients during pregnancy.

Dr. Brewer is now elderly and not in the best of health. His son tells me that he has been in poor spirits and depressed that his message has not been accepted as truth by the birth community.

So I’m asking that if you have been affected by his work, if you use his nutrition information to help clients, or have followed his advice in your own pregnancies, please drop him a short thank you note or message of appreciation. I think that knowing how many moms and babies he has helped would cheer him up; and it would let him know that his life’s work was not in vain to hear how many midwives, childbirth educators, parents, and others involved in birth, believe in his ideas.

He is a national treasure, and he may not be around much longer.

> Hello Everyone,
> The list has been awfully quiet. I hate to break the
> silence with sad
> news, but it seems Dr. Tom Brewer won't be with us
> much longer. His
> health has been declining this year, and just this
> past weekend he had a
> medical incident which caused his daughter to
> annouce to family and
> friends that if they want to see him, they should do
> so this week. He
> could have a major event and be gone quickly, or he
> could have several
> minor events and be like this for days, months. He
> is lucid and still
> feisty enough to sign out of the hospital AMA, but
> his time on earth is
> short. Please take time NOW to write him a note of
> appreciation for all
> he has done, and assure him that his work will be
> carried on. Write to
> him at his daughter's address. He is no longer at
> his apartment.
> Tom Brewer, M. D.
> c/o Ms. Cornelia Brewer
> 3 South Willard Street
> Apt. 6
> Burlington, VT 05401
> PLEASE Forward this to every childbirth and
> parenting list you are on.
> Modify it if you're sending to a group who may now
> know his work, so
> they can be aware that there is hope for
> preeclampsia and toxemia!! Many
> still do not know. Let's be sure his last days are
> filled with the
> knowledge that he is loved and appreciated.

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Date:2005-05-09 21:06

I'm writing on behalf of my friends Alexandra and Rapheal Spindell, whose child Andrei Love was taken away from them by ASC 9 months ago. Since then, they have been unable to retrieve their child, who has been moved from one foster home to another because of foster-parent neglect. A & R were responsible parents, highly knowledgeble in nutrition and child development. In court, the judge focuses on their veganism, and the fact that Alexandra delivered Andrei in a home-birth. Facts about Andrei's health before he was taken from them are not discussed.

I don't know what most of you can do, probably nothing, but please read their story, and spread it if you can. They are very good people, and what is happening to them is cruel and disgusting. Andrei's childhood is also being destroyed.



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Date:2005-04-21 10:40

Hey everyone just wondering if anyone knows of something save that we could add to my sons diet to help with his hyperactivity. He is 20 months and sometimes he gets so wild he is dangerous to himself.
I would love to add a few herbs to his diet to help him calm down.
He is starting to even have trouble sleeping.
Thanks for any info.

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Date:2004-11-26 18:15
Subject:New here and....
Mood: loved

thought I'd introduce myself. :)

I'm Jenn, 26 year old mom to Willow (16 months). We are happily still breastfeeding (much to the dismay of my family)...other things we're "into"...baby-wearing, cloth diapering, non vaxing, co-sleeping, holistic and homeopathic healing, gentle discipline...etc etc...I'm sure I've missed something...

Anyway, nice to "meet" you all!!
Take care,

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Date:2004-11-07 18:56
Subject:cross posted to all kinds of likeminded communities...
Mood: curious

My name is Valley and I used to be very active on Live Journal until I returned back to work and school! I took a hiatus when my son was born and now my life is so busy that I don't think I have posted on LJ since AUGUST!

I am attending a progressive human development college in California called Pacific Oaks college. In my free time...ha...I am a teacher at the Child Educational Center in La Canada, CA... And most importantly I am mama to Shankara my almost three year old one and only son.

Currently I am in the process of doing an indepth research paper for one of my classes. As the topic was open for students choice I chose extended nursing. More specifically it is on the effects of extended nursing on both mother and child. Aside from the literary review I am needing to to original research. Aside from my own breastfeeding experience with my son till he weaned on his own at 21 months old I have very little to draw on. I am putting together a short survey/questionairre about the experiences (social, emotional, attachment with child, and political) of mothers who nursed or are nursing their child beyond 1 year of infancy. Initially I had hoped to focus on mothers who nursed after two years old but I had an insanely challenging time finding materials on this topic with the exception of a paragraph here and there. After many late nights doing searches I decided to define 'extended nursing' as one year or more since the W.H.O reccomends that babies be nursed at least during their first year whenever possible.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED I would be so very greatful and appreciative. Please respond to this post or email me at kalalauprincess@yahoo.com and I will email you the questionaire. If anyone who participates would like a finished copy of my project I would be more than happy to share it! Thanks in advance to anyone who has the time and the desire to participate!

Mahalo Nui Loa

P.S. Also if you know of any valuable resources on the topic of extended nursing and its effects on either mother or child....PLEASE SHARE!

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Date:2004-08-03 11:24
Subject:Liberation Now!

Liberation Now! - The National Student Animal Rights Conference


If you know anyone that is interested in veganism/vegetarianism please send this to them. This conference can help people to make wonderful changes in their diets that not only help to benefit themselves, but which also benefit animals, help sustain the environment, and benefit all living things.

Help spread the word!!!! We have banners, like the one above, on our page so you can post it in your blog or website.

It's only $10!!!!
YUMMY vegan food included!!!!!!
We offer TRAVEL GRANTS!!!!!!
There's gonna be a FREE GIFT BAG!!!!!
Plus tons of awesome speakers and lots of very cool people.


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Date:2004-07-24 21:08
Subject:Havn't posted in a while.... VA moms?!

Hi All!
I havn't posted in a while and wanted to say hi!
Im a young mother to a beautiful boy Logan who was 2 on the 12th! He is such a wonderful part of my life.
We are interested in finding likeminded parents and children, we are interested and practice alot of 'attachment parenting' things.

I am looking for moms in VA. We havn't been here long and are in need of friends! LOL

~ amanda

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Date:2004-07-24 21:04
Subject:Feeling YUCK?

Ok I have always thought I ate a pretty well balenced diet. (I believe diet can have alot of effect on ones immune system) I have had weight problems but mainly after having my son (I gained 70 lbs).

The problem is I always feel CRAP, I am always tired, have a headache, stomach ache, frequent nausea, etc... I am a vegetarian so I could be lacking in iron.

Are there any vitimans, etc that you would suggest? Do I need to look at my diet again?

Thanx I really apprecaite all the help everyone has given me in the past.

~ amanda

X-Posted sorry!

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Date:2004-04-30 17:20

homeopathy questionCollapse )

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Date:2004-04-25 13:20
Subject:A midwife needs our help!

X-posted in unassistedbirth, midwifery, holisticparents, holistic_parent & my own journal

I'm going to be making a diaper bag to auction and raise funds for her. One of my Chenille and Mother's Day Print Diaper BagsCollapse )

April 24, 2004

Dear Friends,

As you may have heard, there is a midwife in PA who is being prosecuted. A website has been set up to show what charges she is facing and also will be updated as there is new information. For information about the charges and about the case, please visit the website at: http://www.friendsofjudy.org.

Friends of Judy is planning an online auction to help with Judy’s legal fees which are mounting. Currently the group is accepting donations of items to be used in the auction. We plan to list the donated items on EBAY in June. Donations will be collected until Friday, May 28, 2004.

If you would like to donate an item to benefit Judy, please email Heather Mitchell at mitchellboys3@cox.net with Auction Donation in the subject line. I will email you back with a list of details for how to go about donating your item/items. If you would like to donate a single small item, we may package it with other like items. Any and all donations are welcome and appreciated. Donations can also include services, such as website design, graphic design, artwork, personalized items, etc. Businesses that make donations will also have their banner ads displayed on a page at the Friends of Judy website.

Watch the Friends of Judy website for more information and a growing list of items that will be auctioned! Some items already donated: handmade quilts (some from the Amish community that Judy serves), WAHM made cloth diapers/covers, toys, complete website design, personalized baby items, WAHM made clothing, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

Thank you for your help. Please keep Judy, her family, her clients and her friends in your thoughts and prayers.

Heather Mitchell


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Date:2004-01-12 03:39
Subject:baby-safe cleaning
Mood: curious

What do you use to clean the various parts of your house? I ask because seeing as how I have a crawling/soon-to-be-walking baby in my house, I need to keep the place pretty darn clean, and I must admit that to date I have never been a terribly good housekeeper (the house is by no means filthy, but I could use some improvement in areas). However, I don't like using things that have bleach in them, which is unfortunately the primary germ-killing ingredient in most cleaners. If I didn't have cats, I probably wouldn't be so concerned about 'germs', but some disinfecting is in order in places like the bathroom and the kitchen floor, even if I didn't have cats. I rinse well, but there's always some residue, especially on my hands (I cleaned the bathroom an hour and a half ago and my fingers still stink of bleach from the Soft Scrub). I know there are ways to make one's own cleaning supplies using natural ingredients: I just don't know where to look for recipes. I also need some assurance that the cleaners are effective and don't just smear the dirt & germs around.

This is all a part of my general effort to transition towards a more organic, holistic, and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Nothing like a baby to motivate one's self. Have any of you used the cleaning products that they sell at Whole Foods and Sun Harvest? Do you like them? Do they justify the (sometimes extreme) extra cost?

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Date:2004-01-08 15:18

I never knew it but I just found out that Avon has a book called Avon Wellness.
It has some really great herbal teas and vitamins. I was so impressed that I signed up to sell Avon just because of it.
They have things like Cold season liquid vitamins with Echinacea for only $7.99
And Teas for only $2.99 like Peach Essence, Bedtime bliss, Ginseng Boost, Green Tea, etc....
I am so very excited.

If you want any info let me know.

x posted

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Date:2003-12-30 12:02
Subject:Cross Posted

Okay, so possibly off topic.... but I'm in the mood right now that I don't know who I know who knows what I need to know.... clear as mud? LOL

If anyone on this list knows anything about Australia or New Zealand... living there, working there, emigrating there.... Marc and I would like to move there with the kids. Please email me!!


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Date:2003-12-09 02:15
Subject:Myseterious Insect Bites

Looking for a safe solution

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Date:2003-09-25 01:56

Anyone used anything for teething that worked well.
Also do you use any kind of daily supplements with your children? If so what and why?

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Date:2003-07-24 10:32

I have started a support community for parents. I am hoping that it will be a community free of "competition parenting" and that it will be a place where we are not afraid to admit to being human.:)


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Date:2003-06-28 00:44

Hey all I may be looking at being induced soon. Anyone done any research on the safety and affects of this?
Any words of advice?

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Date:2003-06-21 21:51

Does anyone know of any natural ways to help teething? We tried the rubbing the gums, the ice water (it worked for a couple of times) and the teething rings. Nothing seems to be helping him though, my son still seems to be in pain.

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