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baby-safe cleaning

What do you use to clean the various parts of your house? I ask because seeing as how I have a crawling/soon-to-be-walking baby in my house, I need to keep the place pretty darn clean, and I must admit that to date I have never been a terribly good housekeeper (the house is by no means filthy, but I could use some improvement in areas). However, I don't like using things that have bleach in them, which is unfortunately the primary germ-killing ingredient in most cleaners. If I didn't have cats, I probably wouldn't be so concerned about 'germs', but some disinfecting is in order in places like the bathroom and the kitchen floor, even if I didn't have cats. I rinse well, but there's always some residue, especially on my hands (I cleaned the bathroom an hour and a half ago and my fingers still stink of bleach from the Soft Scrub). I know there are ways to make one's own cleaning supplies using natural ingredients: I just don't know where to look for recipes. I also need some assurance that the cleaners are effective and don't just smear the dirt & germs around.

This is all a part of my general effort to transition towards a more organic, holistic, and environmentally conscious lifestyle. Nothing like a baby to motivate one's self. Have any of you used the cleaning products that they sell at Whole Foods and Sun Harvest? Do you like them? Do they justify the (sometimes extreme) extra cost?
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